Cockroach and Termite images from Latin America

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Periplaneta americana
Chorisoneura sp. (French Guiana)
Chorisoneura sp. (Guyana)
Chorisoneura sp. (Jamaica)
Chorisoneura sp. (Suriname)
Euphyllodromia sp. (French Guiana)
Euphyllodromia sp. (Brazil)
Pseudomops sp.
Pseudomops sp.
Unidentified Nymph
Blaberus sp.
Panchlora sp. (Honduras)
Panchlora sp. (Colombia)
Panchlora sp. (French Guiana)
Epilampra nr. sodalis
Nasutitermitinae (Brazil)
Nasutitermitinae (Guyana)
Nasutitermitinae (French Guiana)