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Cicadellidae from Latin America

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Unidentified megophthalminae
nr Scaris sp.
Ponana sp.
Scaris sp.
Near Scaris sp.
Coelidiinae (French Guiana)
Coelidiinae (Costa Rica)
Coelidiinae (French Guiana)
Coelidiinae (Guatemala)
Coelidiinae (Guyana)
Coelidiinae (Guyana)
Xestocephalus sp.
Oncometopia aff. clarior
Paracrocampsa sp.
Paraulacizes panamensis
Raphirhinus phosphoreus
Agrosoma sp. (Belize)
Agrosoma sp. (Costa Rica)
Amblyscarta invenusta
Apogonalia sanguinipes
Beirneola sp.
Cardioscarta quadrifasciata

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